Power Zoning mixes your cold basement air with the hot air upstairs  

Make bedrooms feel like the basement!

What is PowerZoning?

Adding powerzoning is like adding 1-3 register vents to upstairs rooms - with no remodeling!

PowerZoning can add cold air returns to any room with no remodeling.

#1: Correct the poor air flow in your home for vastly improved efficiency and comfort!

 #2: Correct the flow of money out of your wallet for excessive utility bills!

 In this day and age, we are all involved in critically needed changes in the world we live in! We are faced with decisions that should make a positive impact and an immediate difference in all our lives!

What is it worth?

For a homeowner and parent to condemn their loved ones and guests to sauna hot bedrooms all summer when there is a pool of soothing cool air stored in the basement waitng to be pushed upstairs?

Invest in Your Walls, Not Wall Street!

Make a correction to the poor airflow in your system and see the benefits of efficiency, comfort, and air quality with POWERZONING.

Recycle the cool air in the lower level all summer to the upstairs where its needed and $ave on COOLING.

Recycle the sun's energy stuck upstairs on sunny winter days and $ave on HEATING. Make the basement cozy and toasty all year.

This air flow correction for your home is comparable to a flex-fuel crossover system. It naturally recycles any geothermally cool BTU's stagnated in the lower levels during the summer, and lets the electric AC unit rest and come on as a backup when needed. Powerzoning naturally recycles any solar heating BTU's stratified upstairs on sunny winter days and lets the furnace rest and cycle on as a back up when needed.

With this airflow correction you will be investing in your family being able to live inside the "walls" of your home. You should get all your investment $'s back in as little as one year! The price of electricity and nat gas is going up expodentially every year.

Correcting your home's air flow will:



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Power Zoning is so easy, it even works for a fifth-grade science project.

Force the hot air down, and the cold air up to mix evenly

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With our system, you will:

The PowerZoning upgrade is a new innovation using the free thermodynamic cooling power of the earth to cool the air and pump the cold air from the basement to the hot rooms in the house. No expensive new AC unit, swamp coolers, attic fans, or portable fans. In the winter, our system creates a cozy, warm basement with even temperatures everywhere, so furnaces and heating dollars don’t have to work as hard. The patented process makes it a simple upgrade to an existing furnace in just a few hours.

It's like having a separate HVAC system for each level of the home.
Uneven home temperatures is one of the most common household problems in America. Unfortunately, the common homeowner can't afford elitist multi-zone systems costing upwards of $5,000 that manufacturers like Honeywell, troll-A-temp, Research Products, Lennox , Carrier, or Maytag, design and promote. Nor can they afford a separate HVAC system to each level.

Why add an expensive furnace system that can cost several thousands of dollars, when you can achieve similar results for much less?



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