Power Zoning mixes your cold basement air with the hot air upstairs  

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PowerZoning is a geothermal air upgrade to your furnace. It is based on simple principals of physics - when your home air conditioner system puts out cold air, it naturally falls down.

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Dennis Hastert loves Powerzoning

Join the likes of US House Speaker Dennis Hastert and his staff, who have been keeping cool with Powerzoning since 1998, as well as radio personality Steve Dahl, in addition to hundreds of satisfied Chicagoland residents! Learn how it works.

Steve Dahl says Powerzoning is his cure!

Steve Dahl loves Powerzoning

"I’ve been staying pretty cool at the casa. My house was built back before zoned air-conditioning and it’s impossible to split the upstairs from the downstairs.Of course, that drives me crazy, especially because the basement is always freezing and the upstairs is always hotter than Hell. One night I was Googling for a solution and came across Powerzoning. The guy who invented it came to my house and they installed it, and by God it works.

They install a couple of extra returns in the basement to suck out the cold air and re-distribute it to the upper floors of your home. It only cost like $1400 and not only is the rest of the house more balanced temperature-wise; the basement isn’t so cold that it can only act as a walk-in freezer. You end up having a few new 10-inch ducts in your furnace room, but the house is much more livable. Now I’m sleeping in the nude only because I want to."


We work in Chicago, Elgin, Aurora, Lake Forest, Naperville, Joliet, Rockford and beyond!

Powerzoning is available in the US in selected states and is growing each month. Dealer opportunities exist on a national basis where there are basements.

Powerzoning is currently available in Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, Nevada, Missouri, Utah and Wisconsin. Please check back each month as we grow more markets.

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