Power Zoning mixes your cold basement air with the hot air upstairs  

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PowerZoning is a geothermal air upgrade to your furnace. It is based on simple principals of physics - when your home air conditioner system puts out cold air, it naturally falls down.

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Powerzoning is available in the US in selected states and is growing each month. Dealer opportunities exist on a national basis where there are basements.

Powerzoning is currently available in Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, Nevada, Missouri, Utah and Wisconsin. Please check back each month as we grow more markets.

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Maybe a Lennox AC is in your back yard?  Your Neighbor has a Rudd/Rheem?  Your boss has a Trane/American Standard? Your friends have a Carrier/Bryant?  Coworkers and relatives have York/Amana?  Yet at all gatherings and social events every summer, the topic of conversation can be heard!

"Our #1 Household Problem is cooling the upstairs and a freezing basement"!

Those are all brand name high efficiency units sitting in all those back yards!

"How do we fix it"?

According to all the professionals it's time to install a brand name zoning system like Honeywell, April-Aire, Dura Dyne, White Rodgers, or go back to the original equipment manufacturers like Lennox, Carrier, Maytag, etc., who also provide their own zoning components. These systems cost half as much again as the original--"Home Comfort System"--you already have that has never worked.  These add-on zoning retrofits are sold to you by the same dealers who installed your original inadequate units in the first place!

This same industry pros will also promote other remedies such as a second system, a newer larger replacement system.  They will suggest duct boosters, register fans, window fans, whole house fans, attic fans, window AC's swamp coolers, etc.

Wait a minute, these homes are not that old! There has got to be a reason for the problem and a better solution!

The people at PowerZoning are 100 years ahead all these professionals and their useless feeble gimmicks!

Adding to the disillusionment are self-proclaimed expert consumer advocates such as Ken M. and Tom M.  They claim to want to discover, introduce, support and promote contractors that are new, innovative, accountable, and professional!  Obviously they are more interested in their own money-making promotions and proprietary products, because even though they've known about a small little company that has a simple affordable solution, they won't introduce them to their audiences. Instead they like to solicit for things like "Say for Instance" a privately owned phone company!

The question is, after 100 years of incompetence, how does the homeowner on the Front Range get educated about what, in reality, are true solutions to their frustrating everyday issues?

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