Power Zoning mixes your cold basement air with the hot air upstairs  

Using Basement Air to Cool
A Home Saves +35% in Energy!

PowerZoning Case Study

Homeowner Saves Over 35% on Electricity

Due to popular demand of our previous customers, we have put one of our Utah customers' energy bills online to demonstrate the savings PowerZoning saved. Here are the facts:

PowerZoning installed Aug. 1, 2007  
Billing Period July August    
Service Period Jul 3 - Aug 3 Aug 3 - Sept 4 + 1 day  
Avg. Daily Temp 80° 83° + 3°  
Elecricity used (kwh) 1228 kwh 799 kwwh - 429 kwh -35%
Avg. Kwh per day 39.612 kwh/day 24.968 kwh/day - 14.644 -37%
3rd block charges* $123.76 $80.52 - $43.24 -35%
Avg. cost per day $3.99 $2.52 - $1.47 -37%
* The "3rd block" refers to all kilowatt-hours in excess of the first and second energy blocks, which is where exces air conditioning charges show up in summer months.


After having Power Zoning installed on August 1st, this customer's energy usage dropped significantly, even while the the average daily temperature was higher, all without changing the setpoint on his thermometer. For more information, you can download the actual utility bills.

* If the customer had Power Zoning installed earlier, he would have used only 744 kwh in July, with approximate cost of $75.00.

Power Zoning on a Large Scale

If half of the homes in the Salt Lake City metro area (50,000 homes) had PowerZoning installed in their homes, residents would save over 7,320,000 killowatt hours per day, which would translate to over $73,500 per day!

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