Power Zoning mixes your cold basement air with the hot air upstairs  

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What to Expect During Our Demonstration
The above movie only demonstrates the results of PowerZoning in the home. During our full in-home demonstration, one of our installers will analyze your home and demonstrate what we can do to improve your home's comfort.

During the demonstration, which typically lasts one hour, our installers will analyze your home's unique needs, and explain them to you.

Once we get your permission to go ahead with our full installation, our installer can do the POWERZONING upgrade on the spot. By the time POWERZONING is installed and before you pay for the service, the second floor will usually be much cooler!

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Why Powerzoning instead of other solutions?
Poor heating and cooling distribution is one of the most common household problems in America. Unfortunately, the common homeowner can't afford elitist multi zone systems costing upwards of $5,000 that manufacturers like Honeywell, troll-A-temp, Research Products, Lennox , Carrier, or Maytag, design and promote.

Why add an expensive multiple zoning system that can cost several thousands of dollars, when you can achieve similar results with Powerzoning for much less? The people at Powerzoning are unique because they go directly to consumers instead of reselling their technology through distributors and installers. All the other manufacturers sell their components to dealers who install their multi-zoning systems on the original systems the dealers improperly installed in the first place

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After Powerzoning
Before Powerzoning



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