Power Zoning mixes your cold basement air with the hot air upstairs  

How Powerzoning Balances
Your Home's Temperatures

The Air Stratification Problem

Air stratification in houses result in cold basements and hot upstairsIt's commonly known that cool air falls to the bottom of the home and warm air rises to the top. There is a tendency for the heated air is to rise and to arrange itself in layers with the warmest air at the top. This is known as air stratification.

When cold air stagnates at the bottom of your house, it can cause you problems as the wasted energy used to air condition your house ends up at the lowest level of your home, which is already naturally cooler.

The conditioned air is not being used properly, and all the hot air you are trying to replace is stuck at the top.

We know the cold air is stratified at the bottom. We know the warm is stratified upstairs, and we know it is nice in the middle where the thermostat is located. So the issue is to get the top and bottom of your home to mix as much as possible, so they match the middle of your home.

Running the AirConditioning more won't solve this.

The more you run the A/C, the colder the basement gets.

Quit doing that and recycle that naturaly cool  free geothermal energy up to the bedrooms, let the A/C rest and save $$.

Even if you already have a high-efficiency furnace, you simply have a more efficient air stratification, or unbalanced temperature problems. You're simply spending less money for those uneven temperatures with a highly efficient furnace.

Before Powerzoning the upstairs is hot and stuffy and the lower level is cold and clammy
After powerzoning, all levels of the home are Comfortable!




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The Powerzoning Installation
Our temperture balancing solution accelerates the air flow throughout the house and takes advantage of geothermally-controlled air.  This is easily achieved by adapting a secondary return air system with absolutely no remodeling involved. We simply modify your existing furnace. Even high-efficiency furnaces! And can you believe it actually helps hvac problems in new construction homes?

Go Green from the comfort of home!We do this by routing additional ductwork to the blower cabinet of your existing furnace. Nearly all furnace manufacturers in this country recommend adding more than one penetration into this blower cabinet to improve air flow, yet more than 95% of homes do not have this done. Accelerated air flow achieve balanced temperatures is not a new concept, except when applied to home cooling and heating.  It just hasn't been done in the past.

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Powerzoning provides three far-reaching benefits

1. Uneven heating and cooling is America's number one household problem and our temperature balancing system solves this by recycling the energy to the proper zones.

Reduce Your Energy Costs!

2. Energy costs are drastically rising, but the most efficient furnaces and air conditioners can not work to their maximum potential without proper air flow. 

3. Indoor air quality is a serious respiratory issue and stagnated air only aggravates the situation. Your exisiting furnace does not move all your air, resulting in pockets of stagnant air. Powerzoning can help green your home's HVAC and reduce air quality issues.

Zach Troop stays healthy, cool with PowerZoningSept 14, 2007 - PowerZoning helps boy stay cool, healthier

Power Zoning helps Zach Troop and other Utahns who are sensitive to heat stay cool, save energy, with their heating and cooling zoning system. View all press releases


Powerzoning Your Home
Every multilevel home comfort system is very basic and they are never designed or engineered to have any zoning capabilities! These systems are designed and engineered to have the proper capacity, in terms of BTU's, but are limited in mixing, or agitating, these BTU's properly.  This can only be cured or corrected by the secondary return air adaptation that recycles the cold stagnated air from the lower levels, or the zone that doesn't need much cooling, to the upper levels where it belongs. Don't believe us? Look at the utiltiy bills one of our customers gave us.

Summer Benefits
In Summer, our temperature balancing system forces the hot stratified air out of the upper levels of your home, downstairs to be retreated and mixed in a very short period of time!  With Powerzoning, the proper mixing cools from the top down, as it should, and can do so even while the air conditioner is resting because the thermostat level is OK. You home can be cooled simply by running your HVAC system fan.  The comfort, savings, and air quality issues described above are all benefits that can be realized by proper acceleration and mixing by Powerzoning.

The Summer will never turn your upstairs into an oven again!

Winter Benefits
The subterranean level can be a cozy temperature year round when mixed properly.  This zone is the starting point when recycling all the solar gain provided by the sun beating into the home during the winter.  On milder winter days proper mixing will prevent the furnace from even coming on!  The lower level will feel just fine and the floors above will feel warmer.  The heating will be done from the bottom up, as it should be, instead of all the heat being trapped upstairs where it's not needed as much.  Again, comfort, savings, and air quality need not suffer more than necessary! 

No more cold basements or cold rooms in Winter!


download technical explanation

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