Power Zoning mixes your cold basement air with the hot air upstairs  

Heating and Air is Still a Problem
Even in New Homes

How Powerzoning Fixed yet another House

In the words of homeowners Wayne & Juanell Kosacz
Frederick, CO

It is so NICE to be in our new house now that all levels are the SAME TEMPERATURE. Why the "professionals" expect us to live with a temperature difference between floors is totally unacceptable!

Powerzoning did what a premier local A/C & heating company couldn't do! After they installed all the ducting, the A/C unit and the furnace in our new home we still had problems.

Here's our story. When we bought our new house, the builder assured us that the upstairs would be cool.  But when summer came, it was a different story. It took the builder over 3 weeks to get Premier A/C & heating company out to try to correct the problem! Meanwhile my wife and I were sweating at night in bedroom upstairs.

The owner of Premier A/C & heating company showed up and tried a couple of solutions, which did very little to cure the problem. He also suggested blocking off the cold air return under the thermostat, in order to allow the A/C to run longer to cool the upstairs. The only thing that did was to increase our electricity bill!

This did not help the problem.  The owner was nice enough to leave me his cell number, but  I left three messages over a period of FOUR days he never called back.

 I mentioned it to the builder and still nothing was done. So thats when I started looking for a solution, and found Powerzoning.

Powerzoning did what a premier local A/C & heating company couldn't do! Thank You Powerzoning!


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