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I would like you to know how very happy we are that we used "Power Zoning" to inprove the air flow in our home. The entire house is at the same temperature. During this last heat wave, we slept comfortably the entire night. It was installed quickly and with no mess. We would be glad to recommend "Power Zoning". What a breakthrough in home air conditioning!
Francie Gundzik
Centennial, Colorado

We had Power Zoning installed May 10.  After 6 weeks of operation and many extremely hot days, we are very happy with the system.  We had our central air conditioning system installed 4 years ago and were never happy with how the upstairs was so much hotter than the main floor.

Before we had the Power Zoning system installed our second floor, including master bedroom, was always 6 – 8 degrees hotter than the main floor.  We would usually have to set our thermostat at 70 or even 68 to get the upstairs temperature where it would be 76 to 78.  With Power Zoning, the upstairs temperature is usually the same or no more than one degree warmer than the main floor.  As a result, we can set the thermostat at 78 and it is still comfortable upstairs.  The biggest bonus is that our air conditioner doesn’t have to run nearly as often as it used to.

Thanks again for a system that really works and has improved our quality of life!!
Roger & Mary Ballenger
Louisville, Colorado

"This has been one of our best home imporvement investments.  Not only were the results satisfying, but the project was enjoyable as well.  The in-home visit started on time,  was to the point, and involved a brief demonstration using our existing system that totally removed any doubt about how effective the system would be.  Then the work actually started on time, and was performed within the estimated time and cost exactly what it was quoted.  We loved the fact that it was virtually non-invasive.

But the results have been the most impressive. We started with over a twenty degree difference between our upstairs bedroom and the basement when we ran the A/C on a hot day.  Now we have maybe a 5 degree difference during the hottest time of the day.  No more fans, register fans, or turtle necks and sweats during summer movie nights in the basement.  We expect our system will pay for itself within 7 months of energy cost savings."
Vaughn & Janell Larsen
Littleton, Colorado

"We recently installed the Powerzoning system in our home and we could not be more satisfied. We have 3 bedrooms upstairs and 2 more in the basement. The upstairs bedrooms always suffered from too much heat while our 2 kids downstairs always complained how cold it was in the basement. The difference was seen the first day Powerzoning was installed. The temperature in the home is now the same on all three levels. Our daughter who had the hottest room in the house actually said she was cold and asked for a blanket! We would recommend this system to anyone who wants a comfortable night's sleep."
Thad & Anne Foster
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

"We had the powerzoning system installed in our home a week ago and have already changed our thermostat twice– upwards because the house actually became too cold! Despite the high temperatures the last few days, the powerzoning system has completely changed the temperature variations we had endured for the last 5 years in our newly constructed home, despite assurances of great insulation and top quality building materials. Needless to say, we are very pleased with this product. We would wholeheartedly endorse this product to anyone. In fact, we’ve already referred one of our friends who visited this weekend and noticed the marked difference in ambient temperature upstairs within a few minutes of arriving to our home."
Bao and Lori Nguyen
Centennial, Colorado

"We recently contracted Powerzoning to perform the Powerzoning modification to our home. I am pleased to report that we are extremely satisfied both with the professionalism that your salesperson/installer exhibited, as well as the overall improvements made to our HVAC system. We look forward to the benefits of increased airflow and hopefully a reduction in energy costs. Thank you, and rest assured, we will be referring our friends and neighbors to your service."
Jon Lovitt
Aurora, Colorado

"I wanted to tell you that John and I are very pleased with our Powerzoning. Our home is more comfortable, and the Air Conditioner is not running nearly as much. It was wonderful during Denver's recent 90 degree heat wave. Thanks!"
John and Rose Palmeri.

"I just had power zoning installed in my home yesterday. It's really making a difference in the temperature range of my home. Now the upstairs is tolerable and the basement isn't freezing anymore. Thanks for advertising this product."
Denise Palmeri

"We just bought a brand new home. Becuase of the builder upcharges we decided to have our A/C put in after closing. We had a bigger than need system installed to guarantee cooling the second floor because everyone knows it is a common issue. We were crushed when no matter what we tried it still only cooled the first floor and the basement was freezing. For very little we added the Powerzoning Upgrade and could not thank them enough! It is by far the best money we spent on our new home!"
Mr. and Mrs. Arens

"This saga is repeated over and over. Our townhouse/condominium project (new/old) held an emergency meeting about cooling the second floors. We were desperate enough to request window A/C units just to be able to sleep. The answer has always been No. Our covenants will not allow it in $300-$700 thousand dollar homes! The Powerzoning Upgrade to the furnace in our basement is the only practical product and costs less than a little window A/C."
Mr. and Mrs. Members

"I live in a big two-story home with two systems in the basement. I have known the local Powerzoning rep for years but could not be convinced I needed it until this year. My new finished basement and the hot summer showed me how drastically cold the basement was compared to the second floor bedrooms. I finally invested in the Powerzoning Upgrade and it did everything promised."
Mr. R. Russell

"Last year I bought a new condo with three rooms on the second floor built over the garage. My office¸ a bathroom¸ and my daughter\'s bedroom were freezing (literally) in winter¸ and boiling in summer. The builder¸ heating company¸ and the association were of absolutely no help. For a small cost¸ Powerzoning has solved our problems in both seasons!"
Mr. T. Crawford

"Before Powerzoning it was amazing how our family spent time at home in winter and summer. The teenage girls would be upstairs in shorts and halter tops on the phone or computer begging for more cooling. Our teenage boys would be in the basement on their play-stations wearing hooded sweats and wanting the heat on. Same house same day - in both seasons!"
Mr. C. Risky

"My family has lived in our current home over ten years. Sweltering on the second floor on hot summer nights was the same for us as everyone else I have ever talked to. After the Powerzoning Upgrade¸ for the first time ever I actually wake up cold and have to pull the covers over myself. I would have never thought that possible!"
Mr. L. Windell

"I was forced to be a stay at home working mother when I started having my family. My office and the nursery are on the second floor and it is absolutely unbearable on hot days. I read and heard about the POWERZONING UPGRADE and the price turned out not to be an issue -- it did not cost more that 3-4 weeks of groceries. We were never so cool!"
Mrs. B. Duran

"I used to set my cooling at 68° and halfway upstairs to the second floor it felt like an oven. Since the Powerzoning Upgrade I am now setting my cooling at 74° and it is cool everywhere! What an amazing difference!
Mr. J. Ogden

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